Enterprise WordPress development

We partnered with marketing & design agency Rooster Punk to deliver an enterprise-grade WordPress site for the global online brand protection business Incopro.

Our role:

Technical partner, WordPress development, Technical architecture, Hosting

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The challenge

In our role as technical partner it was our responsibility to architect, develop and scale Incopro’s new global flagship site.

We designed the technical solutions which give the marketing team at Incopro the flexibility to build out content & pages on the fly whilst simultaneously managing an external translation team across hundreds of pages of content.

Through collaboration with design and strategy leads at Rooster Punk we also ensured their designs were translated into technical requirements and the strategy executed to perfection.

The outcome

Choosing WordPress for its extensive and scalable CMS we built the site using custom styled Gutenberg blocks to ensure maximum flexibility for the Incopro marketing team.

The expansive WPML software was then integrated to enable their translations teams to easily manage and update content across the 4 sites from a single CMS – a huge improvement over their previously complex and fragmented set up.

Launched in Q1 2020, the site is now at the heart of the companies marketing strategy going forward.

UX focussed development

A website with flexibility

Creating a great user experience (UX) for the Incopro marketing team has been at the core of our technical architecture. Ensuring flexibility to change and update content including the ability to pull through featured articles, events and case studies ensures Incopro can continually develop the site.

“With Incopro, our main focus was on architecting the site to be fast at scale whilst retaining the flexibility for the client team to manage and edit every aspect of the content.”

Tom Small, Front-end lead at Haio
Tom Small, Front-end lead at Haio

The mega-menu

Retaining editability through complexity

One of the key strategic advancements of the project is improved information architecture and navigation. We were challenged with developing a ‘mega-menu’ that displayed pages with an associated icon as well as the latest news, events and articles. We achieved this, all while retaining complete control for the Incopro marketing team to add and remove items in the menu using a completely flexible and responsive system.

Fully responsive

Made for every device

Like all our websites, the Incopro site can be loaded on pretty much any device or screen size. And thanks to our custom blocks utilising advanced custom fields (ACF), no marketing managers need to worry about the content they enter breaking the front end of the site on niche devices – our themes respond and flex to every screen, every time.

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