Creating a new website through better UX design

Payaca provides job-winning CRM software to independent trades businesses. Their unique platform handles invoicing & quoting whilst also instantly connecting their customers with fast, easy finance options from trusted lenders. We work with Payaca to deliver projects across strategy, design and development.

Our role:

Product strategy, Web UX / UI design, Web development (WordPress, React), App UX / UI design


The challenge

We’ve been working with the Payaca team for almost 2 years. Initially we helped them to understand the market, refine the proposition and translate that into the first version of the website and app. All with a focus on creating a seamless and cohesive user experience across all channels.

Fast forward to 2020 and we’ve recently launched their new website. Having learnt a huge amount from the market and developed the product it was time to reposition Payaca and bring a better experience for customers on the web.

The outcome

On launching the first version of the app/website together: Increased business signs up by 680%, bringing in 258 new business accounts in 5 months. Increased consumer sign up rate by 300%. Reduced bounce rate of the website from 72% to 18%.

New website stats coming soon (launched Q2 2020).

Back to school

How we applied learnings to develop the new Payaca site

During our early discussions it quickly became clear that the business, the proposition and the market had come a long way since we first devised the original Payaca site together in 2018. The target customer had changed and the Payaca team had done wonders bringing on their product.

Whilst we’d been developing and iterating the site together, we learned that more structural changes to the site architecture and design system would be required in order to deliver the results Payaca were searching for.

Through our discovery and design process, we identified and designed a new site architecture with a heavier focus on trades and business customers who are the core users of Payaca. We also created a new user journey for homeowners which is integrated with their finance app, creating a slick process from start to finish.

“Haio has brought an incredible amount of value to Payaca. Harry and the team spent time fully understanding our business, engaging with customers and building excellent user experiences across our website and mobile app. The communication was always clear and they brought a valuable external perspective which has helped bring clarity to our brand.”

Matt Franklin, CEO of Payaca
Matt Franklin, CEO of Payaca

Refining the design system

More human, easier to understand

A key insight from the discovery phase was the way the design system impacts the ability for Payaca to communicate concepts with their customers. A heavy reliance on icons and detailed illustrations meant updating communications required a lot of detailed design work. The reliance on icons had also left a lack of warmth and human touch to the site.

When we approached the design of the new site we searched for ways to introduce imagery. This allowed us to breathe life into the site whilst also being easily updatable for the Payaca team. We also introduced a new set of icons with a more refined use case for product features.

Finance in a flash

Creating a mobile app for trades people in the field

We’ve also worked with Payaca on mutiple iterations of their mobile app which is used by tradespeople in the field. The app needed to work quickly and easily, so we designed a product devoid of complex and unnecessary features by striving for simplicity.

Rigorous user testing of prototypes allowed us to work through usability issues and improve the customer experiance before building the product. A key win was the introduction of a simplified bottom navigation bar which allows users to access the relevant sections of the app easily whilst keeping more advanced functionality hidden until relevant.

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