Redefining investments as a force for good


Tumelo is a FinTech startup redefining investments as a force for good. The idea is simple: invest in causes you’re passionate about, grow your wealth and make the world a better place at the same time. We helped Tumelo develop their product strategy, brand and app UX/UI. In a highly collaborative project, we went from concept to design in 6 weeks.

Our role:
  • Product strategy
  • UX design
  • UI design
  • Branding

The challenge

When we joined the Tumelo team we had two key challenges to solve: firstly, understand who the core users of their new platform would be and how we’d design for them. Secondly to make the information-heavy sign-up process feel light and breezy, allowing for easy sign up to the service.

The outcome

Launched Beta in Q1 2019 to a closed group of testers which helped close an £800,000 funding round

KPI metrics coming soon (pre-launch)

Choosing who to design for

Persona development

Design a product for everyone and more often than not you’ll create a product that doesn’t really work for anyone. When we began customer discovery for Tumelo we knew it would be vital to understand the persona of the user we wanted to design for. Insights from our research showed two very different potential user bases: an older demographic already actively engaged in investing and the younger, millennial generation who are new to investing but invigorated by Tumelo’s unique proposition.

Tumelo website mockup by Haio

Designing for both was not an option – for the first group, more expert features would be required and knowledge around the intricacies of funds, bonds and indexes could be assumed. For the new to investment millennial however, research showed us that a knowledge gap existed around how investment works and that complex features demanded by expert investors were confusing and unnecessary. Further careful market research with the Tumelo team allowed us to refine our persona as a pro-impact, young professional.

“After testing our competitors’ products it was crystal clear the value that Haio brought to the project – we’ve ended up with a product that is truly customer-centric​.”

Will Goodwin, Head of Product at Tumelo
Will Goodwin, Head of Product at Tumelo

Design, learn, sleep, repeat

Rapid prototyping to refine user onboarding

With a persona defined, we were able to begin designing a product tailored to the target audience. Investment platforms require a lot of information capture for new users and our next challenge was to capture this in a quick and easy user onboarding. By creating and testing ideas quickly through wireframes we were able to develop an onboarding process that first-time customers can breeze through.

Tumelo app design
Tumelo app design
Tumelo app design

Lasting impact

Setting up for success

As part of the project we provided Tumelo with the design tools, processes and expertise to continue rapid product design and testing. The Tumelo team now independently run weekly user testing sessions to continue refining and developing their product using the approach we shared during the project; ensuring a lasting focus on designing with a user-centred approach.

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